Positive Feedback - Mega Power Lynx AC Power Cord

As reviewed by Michael Wechsberg

I don’t know about you, but I hate to spend lots of money on power cords. I just wish the component manufacturers would provide a good cord with their equipment and that we could all live with that. Unfortunately power cords do make a difference in the quality of sound you get from your system and the guys who specialize in making electronics sing are not similarly gifted in optimizing power cords. Then again I suppose if the component guy provided a real good cord, which is probably going to cost some extra money and force the price higher, most audiophile types are not going to use it anyway in favor of some exotic aftermarket cord. This is going to happen, if for no other reason, because everyone’s taste is different and power cords do make a difference. The best approach seems to be to provide the electronics with a modestly priced power cord, keep the price down, and let the user decide whether to keep it or upgrade to something else. This is how things are in the audio marketplace today and hence we have a very vigorous and competitive market in power cords. My E.A.R. components each came with a very pedestrian power cord that you really did not want to use. On the other hand, Luxman provides very nice power cords with their gear that sound perfectly fine, although even their sophisticated sound can be improved with a different cord.


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