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Owning the best home stereo system in your circle of friends deserves bragging rights. If this superlative is something you’re going for, we suggest contacting Tim Stinson. What sounds fine to the common person when listening to music through an average home stereo probably sounds like nails on chalkboard for Tim. He has a sharp ear and is a true audiophile in every sense of the word. We were first introduced to Tim through his engineering work on Fern & Roby’s Beam Speakers.

When he’s not figuring out a way to make the most aesthetically pleasing looking speakers sound equally as impressive, he’s serving as co-owner of Sound + Image Design, a company specializing in high-end custom audio system installations. We recently gathered a stack of records and headed over to Tim’s office to listen to some music, talk favorite albums, and pick up a few pointers on setting up our home stereo systems.


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