Positive Feedback - Axiom II Pre-Amplifier

I see now why there are no used Axioms on eBay! I really didn't expect the results I got.  The mid-range and bass even got better and the highs were there when it was in the recorded music.  Maggies have no trouble with highs but I noticed that, in the dense texture of a romantic orchestra, I could still hear a triangle and high percussion with a little more clarity.  What I missed (I guess) was not hearing those high sounds and overtones within an envelope of noise. That envelope was gone; no noise at all! The mid bass also surprised me. There were times when I thought that my sub was on, but it wasn't. If anyone has any complaints with Magnepans, or similar speakers, they really should give the Axiom II a try. The only thing I hate is the thought of re-patching the connections when I want to listen to reel to reel or phono. I might send my unit back to have the switch and two additional inputs added but I just don't want to give up the very full, smooth sound I hear with one input. Thanks for you help!  I couldn't be happier with my Axiom II.

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