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Positive Feedback - Axiom II Pre-Amplifier

The Axiom II is now back in my system. Once again I am amazed by its performance. This is an absolutely top end pre amp. I understand that some people may wish to add the sound of a complex expensive pre amp to their system, but if you are looking for pure performance and unaltered sound from source to power amp the Axiom II is the way to go.

 It works perfectly and the gain actually sounds slightly lower with the new controller, but that is perfectly fine. I always thought the output of the Auralic Vega that I use is too high. The Axiom fits perfectly into my system.

 Also, I really like the build quality of Axiom II. The aluminum case, the perfect black finish, the high end Neutrik connectors, and even the little black plastic cover plates for the unused ports are from Neutrik.  I know you use high end cabling inside too. That is great engineering.

Martin N.

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