Axiom II Preamplifier Review

Just wanted to send you guys a note.....I've been eyeing the Axiom II for a little while now and despite the ridiculously low price for the one input I've been wanting one with 2-3 inputs and 2 outputs so I've been shy about pulling the trigger since I've never gone passive.  Well, I grabbed one with just the 1 in/out to see if I wanted to make the jump to a more expensive modified version and all I can say is holy s--t.  I have it mated with my NuPrime STA-9 class D amp (another steal) and a pair of Tekton Design Uruz speakers swapping between my vinyl set-up (Jolida JD9 phonostage) and my digital set-up (laptop>modified PS Audio Digital Link III) and I've never heard my system sound this good no matter what previous combo I've used and I have multiple tube and SS amps & preamps from Accuphase, PS Audio, Jolida, single-ended tube Magnavox, Dynaco, etc.  I don't know what kind of magic dust you guys work with but please keep doing it.  I will be ordering a multi-input/output version from you guys in the very near future.  I stayed up way to late last night pulling record after record and searching file after file b/c the chill bumps never stopped. Wow, just wow. 

-Ryan K.

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