Synchestra Speaker Cables

Synchestra Speaker Cables


Engineering a speaker cable which would complement the SYNCHESTRA Interconnect proved to be a difficult, yet rewarding endeavor. We needed a very fast, articulate and extremely focused cable. We are proud to introduce the SYNCHESTRA Speaker Cable. The SYNCHESTRA Speaker Cable is the result of hundreds of hours comparing numerous prototypes with the above goal in mind.

The SYNCHESTRA Speaker Cable utilizes a high-purity silver (99.997%) solid core 16-gauge composite conductor network sheathed in virgin Teflon™. The Teflon™ conductors are then surrounded in PVC and bound by a premium nylon mesh jacket in order to preserve the integrity of the composite. Similar to the RENAISSANCE Speaker Cables, the "Go and Return" legs are kept separate to reduce capacitance and magnetic interaction. Terminations are standard with silver-plated copper spade lugs and CARDAS™ solder. Banana terminations are available upon request.

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