Synchestra Reference Interconnect Cable

Synchestra Reference Interconnect Cable


SYNCHESTRA REFERENCE begins--and ends--with the Bullet Plug® from Eichmann Technologies of Australia. This beautifully engineered termination bends the rules of ordinary RCA plug design and establishes the neutral performance of the Reference. Initial audition and continuing evaluation of the revolutionary connector showed that this unique termination was a must for a reference interconnect in our product line.

The Bullet Plug adjusts to any RCA socket, providing a firm, secure fit that is easy to disconnect and leaves no marks on the socket when removed. Formed of precision- cast, aerospace-grade polymer, the connector shell encloses milled tellurium copper contact pins flash-plated with 24-karat gold. The pin material provides up to 320% greater conductivity than standard brass pins found in most RCA plugs.

As RCA plugs vary, so do insulation materials. While our very successful Synchestra Signature is jacketed with silicone, exhaustive listening tests concluded that the bare-conductor Reference prototypes sounded better with no jacketing. This improved cable response, but also increased the possibility of damage to the ultra-high quality 20 -gauge ONO 6/9s (99.99998) single-crystal copper conductors.

The solution was a "magic" jacket of highly inert fine-mesh fiberglass cloth, a material extremely low in capacitance. Only a cushion of air insulates the jacket from the conductors, a solution rivaling no jacket at all.

Carried over from the Signature to the Reference is the mil-spec polyurethane coating on the copper conductors. Applied immediately following forming of the wire, the coating prevents oxygen permeation of the copper and provides the cleanest path for the audio signal. Listening tests have conclusively revealed that the non-jacketed conductors, combined with the Bullet Plugs®, provides a more detailed and dynamic interconnect than we previously have offered.

The Reference is, however, more susceptible to mishandling without a jacket of synthetic material surrounding the conductors. Do not bend the interconnect at 90 degrees or greater, do use the plug body to remove the interconnect from RCA jacks instead of pulling on the fiberglass jacket, and minimize twisting of the plugs when inserting or removing from components.

Synchestra Reference will provide a lifetime of listening enjoyment. Thank you for choosing Luminous Audio Technology products to complement your home audio or theater system.

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