Silver Plated RCA Connectors

Silver Plated RCA Connectors


Luminous Audio is proud to introduce an affordable "locking" style RCA connector of very high quality with heavy silver-plating. Each plug is made of a very inferior quality brass which is mixed with many other metals and impurities with poor conductivity on purpose. This allows the signal flow to remain primarily in the heavy silver plating preserving the integrity of your music. The plug can be used with a 6mm or smaller cable with the addition of a heat shrink boot but is designed to work with a cable of 8mm OD. Soldering of the return lead or shield should be done in the lower section of the plug away from the center pin if possible. The plug should be inserted into a jack in a loose position and then "tightened" by simply turning the outer barrel counter-clockwise with respect to the rear of the plug. Happy listening!

Note: Price is for one pair (two pieces per quantity)!

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