Monarch II Interconnect Cable

Monarch II Interconnect Cable


MONARCH II is very high quality 21-gauge, silver-plated solid-core, 99.997% (4/9s) OFC copper, with mil-spec Teflon™ insulation. The proprietary twin-axial conductor design is realized through a precision wire twist process. The "lay" of the twist is held to a tolerance of +/-2% and directionality is maintained in both the go and return legs. Terminations are custom-made, silver plated locking RCA connectors custom designed to our spec. Silver-plated Neutrik XLR connectors are optional.

While not directional by design, the cable is imprinted with an arrow at one end. We suggest break-in is directional and the arrow is a useful reference.

MONARCH II is meticulously hand assembled to provide excellent performance. Bending 90 degrees or more will damage conductors. Avoid cable runs close to AC cords. If they must cross, 90-degree crossing is recommended. Care in handling and dressing will enhance and preserve the sonic capability of your cable. MONARCH II reaches optimal performance after a "burn-in" period of at least 72 hours. Suitable burn-in tools are a dynamic/wide bandwidth CD or FM "white noise" heard between stations. CDs made for this purpose are available through audio dealers. These options provide nearly 95% of the signal necessary for ultimate cable performance. Expect maximum response within 30 days.

MONARCH II cable is packaged in shielded metalized bags for two reasons. First, your cable is protected from X-ray and EMI screening processes at UPS, FedEx and other carriers. Second, Luminous Audio Technology resources are dedicated to cable technology. We do not believe that you should have to pay for exotic wood, velvet-lined, or other "designer" containers that add substantially to cable cost.

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