Mega Power Lynx A/C Power Cord

Mega Power Lynx A/C Power Cord


THE MEGA POWER LYNX is an extremely high quality, 9-gauge composite, 99.7% OFC, stranded copper power cable. It is designed to maximize the transfer of A/C power to all of your high end components such as power & integrated amplifiers, conditioners, pre-amplifiers, CD players, DAC's, etc. Natural rubber insulation is used for its excellent damping characteristics and dielectric properties at 110 Volts / 60Hz. A star quad configuration is utilized for the MEGA POWER LYNX topology as we have experienced tremendous success with this technology in the balance of A/C power transfer. In an upgrade from the POWER LYNX ULTRA, the MEGA POWER LYNX has a large, high-gauss neodymium magnet installed at each end of the cord. These strong rare-earth magnets establish a passive motor circuit which reduces noise in our cable while actually boosting micro dynamics in recorded music. Our research has proven the extremely strong magnetic field encourages the current and voltage to arrive at the load in phase resulting in many positive effects. They also serve as a mechanical vibration damper to control the micro-vibration caused by the flow of A/C current. As you listen it will become obvious that the timing of each instrument will be in phase, resulting in a tremendous increase in sound stage width and depth. The cables are terminated with Japanese-made, silver-plated copper, Audio Grade Edison and IEC connectors. Custom plug sets are available upon request (Euro, 20 amp IEC, etc.).

MEGA POWER LYNX is meticulously hand assembled, and designed to provide superior performance. Avoid running the MEGA POWER LYNX in close proximity to interconnect cables and, if they must cross, 90-degree crossing is recommended. For a 9-gauge power cord, the MEGA POWER LYNX is relatively flexible, and therefore simple to install in racks and between components.

The standard version of the MEGA POWER LYNX is ungrounded, by design. Extensive research has proven that removing the ground wire demands the delicate audio signal travel through the return of your interconnects in lieu of going through the ground wire in a standard/grounded power cord. We cannot express how important this is and that it is clearly audible. What will be noticed is the a/c grunge and noise inherent in the a/c line is eliminated and soundstage depth is greatly improved. We recommend using an isolation transformer or simply ensuring that all outlets are on the same circuit if you wish to maintain the benefits above while isolating your grounds/ chassis' completely (most outlets in any single room and especially a custom sound room will be on the same phase by design). Custom versions with our proprietary ground wire solution are available for those who demand a grounded cable.

MEGA POWER LYNX reaches optimal performance after a burn-in period of at least 72 hours. As a custom option, the MEGA POWER LYNX can be ordered already burned in and "ready to play" right out of the box. Expect maximum response from the cable within 30 days if on a continuous load once installed.

MEGA POWER LYNX is packaged in static-shielded, metallic film bags. We do this for two reasons. First and foremost, your cable is protected from X-ray and EMI screening processes at the Post Office, UPS, FedEx and other carriers. Secondly, Luminous Audio Technology's resources have always been dedicated to cable technology. We do not believe that you should have to pay more for exotic wood, velvet-lined, or other "designer" packaging that adds substantially to cable cost.

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