Axiom II Passive Preamp Walker Mod with Remote XLR

Axiom II Passive Preamp Walker Mod with Remote XLR


The AXIOM II Passive Preamp Walker Mod with remote uses a high quality Khozmo Acoustics 64-step relay based ladder type attenuator.

Upon meeting Thom walker in 2003 I knew right away I had found a friend and colleague. Thom's passion for audio was overwhelming to say the least. I offered Thom a position with Luminous Audio that he was far over-qualified for, but in the end, he accepted. Thom began building Axioms and assisting me with auditioning prototypes and before long, he took home an Axiom only to fall in love. Being the long-suffering audiophile who liked to tweak things, Thom began "fooling around" with his Axiom. He knew I had designed the Axiom around great parts but to a particular budget. Thom thought; "what if I disregard the budget and build one for myself regardless of costs?" Well, he proudly approached me with his masterpiece a few weeks later with a ridiculous grin and asked me to listen to them. Of course I took them home and swapped them into my system in place of my personal Axiom (which had already been slightly tweaked of course). The difference was unbelievable and I distinctly remember calling him that night to discuss the changes. The primary change was swapping the already respectable Alps blue pot for a hi-end 23 step silver-plated switched network volume control using 1% metal film resistors (AGAIN, No LONGER being used). Thom had access to some of the most expensive and exotic wire in the world working for Luminous Audio and he ultimately decided on our 6/9's ONO cast copper as the Axiom was inherently so detailed and open in the high end already. He also determined that isolating the chassis made a difference in the speed and clarity of the Axiom so he incorporated some home-made Sorbothane feet and Iso-mat damping sheet internally. Well, we now have Sorbothane feet custom-made for us specifically for the Axiom. The final, most difficult, and second most expensive change was to sway from the excellent quality custom made, brass RCA jacks we use on our standard Axiom and utilize the amazing Vampire pure copper CM-2F connectors. The CM-2F was designed to be the highest quality RCA jack in the world and we agree. With 90% of the RCA plugs in the world, this is the finest we have heard. Milled from pure copper, Teflon insulated and flash gold plated, the flag ship from vampire is fantastic! The result of the modification is mind-boggling to say the least. It is this level of detail and additional customer service that makes the Walker mod Axiom such a success.

Due to this additional level of service, the AXIOM II Passive Preamp Walker Mod takes a bit more time to deliver and we would appreciate your patience. Better bass definition, more open top end, and jaw-dropping sound staging are just a few of the improvements to be heard. We invite you to audition Thom's handy work if you are in the market for a near cost-no-object passive pre at a very affordable entry fee of $849 for the remote stereo version.

If your system changes, we can easily readjust the gain ratio for you at a cost of $35.


Length: 7.5” (including connectors and controls)

Width: 6.6”

Height: 2.8” (including feet)

Net Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Inputs: 1 or 2 pairs XLR

Outputs: 1 pair XLR

Switching type: 64-step MBB (Make Before Break)

Shaft diameter: 6 mm

Voltage: 5V/1A

Remote control with functions: Vol+, Vol-, Mute, Display (5 settings + off)


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