Sorbothane™ hemispheres

Sorbothane™ hemispheres


Luminous Audio is proud to introduce a very affordable solution in vibration control and component isolation. Our ¾" Sorbothane™ hemispheres were designed for light weight components such as inexpensive CD/DVD players, preamps, mini-monitors, etc. Each puck is designed to support 2-4 lbs., but will work well with items much lighter and perhaps as much as 5-6 lbs. with good results. The pucks have a durometer of 30. We recommend no adhesive at all if left as a fixed installation but if a more stable mount is required, feel free to use an epoxy based adhesive such as Loctite™ plastic epoxy. The oils used in Sorbothane™ may damage some wood finishes over time therefore we recommend using something underneath the pucks to prevent the transfer of the oils. Small pcs. of cellophane, mylar, etc. will work well.

Note: Price is for one pack of four pieces!

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