Synchestra Signature Speaker Cables

Synchestra Signature Speaker Cables


Developing a speaker cable that would complement our acclaimed SYNCHESTRA SIGNATURE interconnect proved extremely difficult.

We began experimenting with a variety of prototypes containing our superior quality continuous cast, single crystal pure copper used in the SIGNATURE interconnect. Diameters and numbers of conductors varied as we continued developing the new cable.

Initial tests produced a very detailed and smooth sounding product. However we knew from years of experience that the answer was not in a large number of very small diameter conductors. Exhaustive testing proved that 18-gauge conductors created the ideal balance between high frequency and bass performance.

After months of discussion, innumerable prototypes and hundreds of listening tests we successfully joined design and material in a speaker cable that mated perfectly with SYNCHESTRA SIGNATURE interconnect.

In harmony with Luminous RENAISSANCE and SYNCHESTRA speaker cables, SYNCHESTRA SIGNATURE is composed of two independent “Go and Return” legs. Isolated helical arrays of four 18-gauge continuous cast, single crystal ONO 99.99998% (6/9s) copper conductors and five empty polyethylene tubes create an ideal balance of inductance, capacitance and resistance. Combining premium virgin PVC and polyethylene with paper, fabric and air as dielectrics provides an exceptional reduction in hysteresis distortions.

We are proud to introduce our new flagship speaker cable, SYNCHESTRA SIGNATURE, another Luminous Audio Technology product of unparalleled performance.

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