Synchestra Interconnect Cable

Synchestra Interconnect Cable


SYNCHESTRA Interconnect was designed to provide incomparable performance at an unusually affordable price. Simplicity itself, SYNCHESTRA Interconnect incorporates a refined twin axial design utilizing 21-gauge, high purity (99.997%) solid core, pure silver conductors sheathed in Teflon™. A premium silicone jacket is employed to protect the delicate conductors. SYNCHESTRA Interconnect is terminated using the reputable CARDAS™ Silver RCAs and silver solder.

SYNCHESTRA Interconnect provides exceptional clarity and detail coupled with a neutrality that must be heard to be appreciated. No cable that we have auditioned in its price range, has provided the level of performance that SYNCHESTRA Interconnect provides. If you are looking for the ultimate in musical presentation you owe it to yourself to audition SYNCHESTRA Interconnect. (SYNCHESTRA Interconnect is not fully shielded. This should be considered in areas where high levels of RF or EM interface may adversely affect cable performance.) A shielded or balanced version is available for a modest charge.

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