Tracking Angle Review for LAT Archimedes Amplifiers

Designer Michael Bettinger comes up with another solid state component winner

“Are you okay? Did something happen?” asked my audio pal, Colin.

“I’m crestfallen. Life seems to have lost all meaning,” I reply. “I had to pack up and send back those Luminous power amps, and now I don’t feel like listening to music on my system.”

But of course, one evening a few days later, I was spinning Mellow Waves by Cornelius using my Ampsandsound Zion Monos, and feeling it big time. The Zions, which had become chopped liver only a week prior, were back to tickling my fancy.

It’s funny how that is. I will become obsessed with comparing components to find the most sonically vivid little attributes that light up my cortex. This is so that I can (hopefully) communicate these attributes in a review. Rarely - although it does happen - I review something that sounds so good that it takes on Holy Grail status for me. This is how it was during my time with the phenomenal new amps from Luminous Audio Technology - the Archimedes are that good.

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