Positive Feedback - Monarch II Signature interconnects

as reviewed by Carlo Flores

My reference interconnects are Tara Labs' Air 3 and Master Generation 2, and a pair of Cardas Neutral Reference, which cost more than the Luminous Audio Technology Monarch II Signatures at $149 per meter. I feel somewhat silly for investing so much into wire and termination, though my cables fit my system perfectly. The Cardas Neutral Reference imparts a slight and roundness to brass and female vocals that I find appealing, and I like the Tara Labs cables because they're smooth in the midrange and easy on top, never hard or bright. I'm not sure there is "neutrality" in hi-fi, and I wouldn't call my cables neutral. They are flavored, but unlike many other cables, they give me the details of the source. The Luminous Audio Technology Monarchs don't have personality, but they aren’t ultra-revealing either.


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