LAT Arion II on Stereophile Recommended Components 2022

The Arion Mk.II is identical to the original version of this phono preamp (reviewed by MF for except that it eliminates the MM input and features higher-voltage–rated dual-toroidal transformers and an upgraded MC input stage. MF echoed the manufacturer's claims, writing that the Arion exhibited "a sense of purity and low-level detail resolution that [was] highly dynamic and musically involving." With the Audio Relax EX1000 cartridge mounted on the Schröder arm on the OMA K3 turntable, feeding the Arion Mk.II loaded at 100 ohms, the combination produced a dazzling presentation; MF said it was "among the most enticing vinyl-playback combos I've yet heard." He's heard a lot. (Vol.44 No.12 WWW)

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Arion Mk II

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