Customer Reviews the Axiom II Stereo Preamplifier

Axiom II Stereo Preamplifier

It's taken me two weeks to actually test it out - i've been reconfiguring my system and waiting on some interconnects and other paraphernalia to arrive before connecting it all back together.  Can i just say your pre-amp is stunningly good, it amazed me how open, detailed and transparent it was. I ran it in direct comparison to my existing pre amp - which i love (rotel RC 870) - which is old, but bullet proof and i thought was pretty decent for a mid priced budget type system - using the Axiom was like removing ear plugs from my ears - the details and clarity just lifted instantaneously like a veil had been lifted - and i thought my Rotel was pretty transparent. The Axiom was originally going to be used in a dedicated "streaming" system, but I am actually now going to use one of the line level outs (tape loops) on the Rotel and use the Axiom in my main system to control levels,  and basically just use the Rotel for input switching. Thanks again. I am really delighted with the performance upgrade I've got from your pre-amp. For the money, it's an astonishingly good audiophile upgrade for what I consider to be a budget investment ! 
LAT Axiom II Stereo Preamplifier
- Olly F

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