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Arion Phono Preamp

Arion Phono Preamp


The Luminous Audio Technology Arion Phono Preamplifier is the result of over 35 years exploring the boundaries of state-of-the-art audio technologies. The circuitry is an assemblage of the best sounding building blocks available for audio circuit design; meticulously identified through years of study, observation, research, prototyping and listening. The creation of this preamp has more in common with the creation and voicing of a fine musical instrument than a theory-derived amplification circuit. The purity and low level detail retrieval it provides is groundbreaking and reflects its unique lineage.

We offer a demo at 10% off with the option to return for full refund if the customer pays shipping both ways. If the demo is well received, the customer can send back the demo for a new one and pay the difference. For the full price of $6795 the customer owns the unit, and if a return is needed, it is subject to a 20% restock fee.

Arion Technical Specification

Arion Owners Manual

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