Prestige II Speaker Cables

Prestige II Speaker Cables


The science of cable design (sometimes referred to as an art) is an engineered balance between several well-understood and quantifiable parameters. PRESTIGE II Speaker Cable is the culmination of a meticulous design process which is focused on providing unprecedented value, quality and performance.

PRESTIGE II Speaker Cable uses solid-core technology implemented by arranging eight individually insulated 20-gauge, high-purity OFHC, copper conductors in an isolated twin-axial array around a central polypropylene and air dielectric core. The spacing between each adjacent conductor is critically maintained during the manufacturing process thereby reducing magnetic interferences between conductors. The finished array is then bound and jacketed in dark gray metallic PVC.

PRESTIGE II cable can be terminated in a bi-wire configuration easily upon request. Simply double the cost of the wire and termination.

PRESTIGE II Speaker Cable is a unique design which will reward the listener with exceptional fidelity and value. If your interest in music is best served by faithful reproduction of the source, Luminous Audio Technology’s PRESTIGE II Speaker Cable was designed for you.

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