Speaker cables,interconnects,audio cables,speaker wire,audio cables,audio wire,high end cable,digital cable,XLR,Luminous,Luminous Audio, LAT
Speaker cables,interconnects,audio cables,speaker wire,audio cables,audio wire,high end cable,digital cable,XLR,Luminous,Luminous Audio, LAT fader
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Axiom II front
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Axiom II rear RCA
AXIOM II Multi-input

The AXIOM II passive preamplifier is in a class by itself. This is a fixed series/variable shunt device. In layman's terms this means the audio signal does not actually flow through the volume control. The signal flows through one high quality resistor and the amplifier's inputs are shunted to ground via the AXIOM II'S ALPS potentiometer (Custom 1% stepped control in the Walker-mod version). The variable shunt technology allows control over the volume without the signal flowing through the actual volume pot that most audiophiles know is the weakest link in most preamp circuits. The degree in which the pot "allows" signal into the amplifier is simply what allows the customer control over his/her volume. A large part of the magic of the classic AXIOM II is its single input.

Well, after years of customer's recommendations/requests; we have decided to offer a solution for those with multiple inputs. The new/larger chassis of the AXIOM II is allowing us to offer the multi-in AXIOM II in an affordable single chassis format. For those who are used to the awesome "switch less" direct version we are still incorporating a direct input on the new units. Two inputs are offered as well as the direct input. However, the new AXIOM II with multiple inputs may or may not offer three inputs in all systems. Dependent upon the output impedance of your direct source when turned off , you may be forced into only 2 inputs, or unplugging the direct device when not in use. I.e., the output impedance of your CD player will be in parallel with the other source you have chosen. If the CD player is turned off, it may go to infinity (or still a very high/desirable value) or it may literally short the outputs therefore not allowing any sound on any input. Worst-case scenario the customer will still have at least two inputs from which to choose and the "mechanically switchable" direct input. This will require testing via ohmmeter or just simple experimentation (if the main source is affected the sound, it will be very lifeless and kill the volume of the other sources). If the direct source is making an effect, it will be VERY noticeable. The inputs are clearly labeled "1, 2 and DIRECT" on the front of the unit and the rear jacks are also clearly labeled. We have chosen to use very high quality parts in the AXIOM II given its whopping retail price. We are using high quality "long barrel" RCA jacks that have been custom made for us. A smooth ALPS blue pot was chosen for long life, excellent tracking and a concern for cost vs. value. We are using the same 4/9's silver wire found in our famed SYNCHESTRA interconnects. We are allowing our customers to choose between the standard HOLCO resistor and the upgraded CADDOCK version. The CADDOCKS are simply the best we have heard in this circuit. The CADDOCKS offer considerably more detail than the HOLCO but for many applications the HOLCO will work very well. We invite you to compare the AXIOM II to any preamp on the market as it will not be embarrassed by anything at any price. Many reviews on the AXIOM can be found on audioreview.com and audioasylum.com, etc. as well as this site. If your system changes, we can easily readjust the gain ratio for you at a cost of $35.

Happy listening!

Tim Stinson

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